Car Shoppers & Online Reviews: An Infographic

Online reputation matters more than you think! Now more than ever, your potential customers are turning to the internet for answers to all of their car-buying questions. With over two billion users across all major social networks, there is a gold mine of customers just waiting to be tapped into. Word travels fast on the world wide web. Some of the most influential topics of […]

The Importance of Online Reviews

There are two types of business owners. Some business owners receive a two-star review and scoffs. They are secure in the knowledge that they have a solid staff, are still making plenty of customers happy, and had a great sales week. They don’t bother posting a reply to the negative reviewer, convinced that Yelp is just a personal soapbox for anyone to abuse. Other business […]

#FriendemicFriday Millennials and The Sharing Economy

Millennials and The Sharing Economy The 92 million member strong millennial generation has entered their prime spending years and their impact on the global economy has already begun to change the way business is done.  Consider the following about the rising generation: Millennials spend, on average, 6 hours a week shopping online or doing product research. 80% of millennials completed on online purchase in the […]

Combat the Shadow Ban: Four Tips for Instagram Engagement

Have you noticed a drop in your Instagram engagement? Did your once loyal fans suddenly stop bombarding your post with hearts and comments? You may be a victim of Instagram’s “Shadow Ban.” Talked about in hushed tones amongst the most devoted Instagram users, the ban refers to content posted under specific hashtags no longer showing up in search results. Hidden within the other changes to […]

Catalyst: New Video Functionality

Catalyst YouTube Auto-Uploading & Private Videos The latest update to the Catalyst app features an automation that can change the way salespeople utilize YouTube and the digital world for converting leads. With the latest version of Catalyst, a user can shoot a private video that will automatically get uploaded to YouTube. The app then produces a link to this unlisted video from the YouTube account, […]

How to Use Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads expand social media’s role in the sales funnel by providing another way for businesses to connect with customers who are about to make a purchase. Most digital marketing focuses on the bottom of the sales funnel, or the final steps needed to get a conversion. These efforts aim to capture users who already expressed an intent to purchase. In contrast, social media marketing […]

Catalyst Mobile App Increases One Dealer's Reviews by 400%

  Landers CDJ, a dealership located in Benton, Arkansas was looking for a way to get more online reviews to better reflect their top-notch customer service. They began using one of Friendemic’s newest reputation tools, the Catalyst mobile app, in hopes of increasing their overall review count and star ratings. The following data was gathered after using the app for just three weeks!   Landers CDJ […]

Friendemic Highlighted As a Leader in Social Media Marketing!

The question is no longer why social media? It’s how. And from the beginning, Friendemic has built a creative and skilled team dedicated to delivering quality solutions. We’re excited that our efforts have led to our recognition as a top social media marketing company! Clutch, a ratings and reviews firm based in Washington D.C., evaluates solutions and professional service providers based on a unique methodology. […]

Friendemic's Big News

January 26th, 2017 – Friendemic and GoFanbase , two fast-growing leaders in the social media and online reputation space, announced today that they are merging.  The combined company will be among the largest providers of social and online reputation software and services in the automotive dealership space, with experience serving over 1,000 dealerships, including dealers from among many of the leading automotive groups. The combined […]

Socials Stats & the Holiday Season: An Infographic

The holiday season is a yearly occurrence, as is the hustle and bustle that comes with it. But rather than scrambling last minute like you do to find the perfect gift for your “beloved” in-laws, or your cousin Joe (twice removed), planning your social advertising strategy should not be rushed. In fact, with the power harnessed in social media marketing for brands, it’s never been […]