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Solutions we provide

DIY Software Tools

DIY Software Tools

Friendemic’s proprietary software offers everything you need to manage your reputation and track your social analytics. We help you monitor your reviews, solicit positive reviews from your customers, and run custom reports to track your reputation and social ROI.

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Managed Social & Reputation

Managed Social & Reputation

Social Media is more than just posting content. If you want to succeed on social, you need to engage your audience through genuine conversations. Friendemic excels in this area. Your dedicated team will create custom content, respond to questions and comments, built brand trust, and forge new relationships for your business every day.

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Social Advertising

Social Advertising

As the social landscape increasingly shifts toward a pay-to-play model, targeting specific niche groups of customers and prospects will offer some of the best ways to increase your social ROI. Friendemic is a leading agency when it comes to Social Advertising, managing targeted campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and more to drive increased traffic to your website and generate more leads.

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At Friendemic, all we do is social media.

We believe social done right requires a unique set of skills with little overlap from other marketing forms. Other agencies may offer social services, but the bulk of their revenue (and therefore their focus) is nearly always elsewhere. We do one thing, and we do it very well.

We work with tons of clients in just about every industry imaginable. We have highlighted some areas of specialty below, but hope you’ll give us a call at (801) 415-9314 to discuss the impact we’ll have in your industry.

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Interested in learning more or a demo? Use the form below to get in touch.

Our Track Record

  • Retail

    Owlet Baby Care: Educate and Dominate

    Through extensive conversational outreach, educational and witty content, strategically targeted social advertisements and blogging partnerships we have been able to captivate a new actively engaged Owlet audience and grow the exposure of the company to great lengths throughout the US and Canada. See the full case study here!

  • Retail

    NorthStar: #LoveAtHome Promotion

    For two weeks in the month of February, we created a campaign entitled “#LoveAtHome”. Each day, we presented fans with a new challenge to ramp up engagement and get these interacting with our brand. Their engagement levels skyrocketed during that two week period and the page grew by nearly 1,500 fans. See the full case study here!

  • Auto Industry

    Selling Cars with Twitter: Seth Wadley Auto

    Friendemic was hired to effectively manage Seth Wadley Auto’s Twitter account and found people wanting new cars through strategic searches and talking to people in the same geographic region. Through diligent follow-up on Twitter and a great personality, Friendemic enticed a nearby user to buy from Seth Wadley Auto instead of another dealership where the customer had been test driving Jeeps. See the full case study here!

  • Auto Industry

    Facebook Ads: BMW Palm Springs

    Palm Springs BMW teamed with with Friendemic to run a series of web click ads for their dealership. Friendemic was able to optimize the ads to ensure the appropriate audiences were reached at a below-average cost. 352 clicks were generated to their website at an average of $0.27 cost per click. See the full case study here!

  • Auto Industry

    Lead Generation: Warner Truck Centers

    Friendemic contracted with Warner Truck Centers to manage their social media ads and engagement. The Facebook ad budget was set at $400 per month, and over an 8 month period, Friendemic was able to optimize ads to generate over 950 leads. See the full case study here!

  • Hospitality

    Utah Office of Tourism

    Friendemic ran proactive social outreach campaigns promoting tourism to Utah during the summers of 2014 and 2015. We sent tens of thousands of messages to tourists currently visiting Utah or considering a visit, generating millions of impressions and thousands of social interactions. In 2015, Friendemic also managed a photo submission contest with hundreds or entries and rabid fan engagement. See the full case study here!

  • Health & Wellness

    Sonoran Sky Pediatrics: Social Posting

    From posting tips, tricks, and vaccine reminders to spotlighting blog posts in the health & wellness world, we use pro-active social posting as a way to humanize your brand in the digital space.

  • Health & Wellness

    Social Posting & Advertising for the Health & Wellness Industry

    Friendemic offers top notch managed social and advertising services that help get your social content seen by more people, drive local, targeted prospects to your website, humanize your brand, and even can generate leads and online sales.

  • Medical

    The Power of Social Media: Santiam Hospital

    We helped Santiam Hospital improve their community reputation, as well as find their missing therapy dog through the power of effective and personal social media. In a 3 week period, Friendemic added over 2,500 likes to the page, and generated over 1.29 million impressions with over 3,300 interactions. Additionally, Friendemic humanized the hospital’s page, and turned it’s Facebook into a building block for relationships and trust. See the full case study here!

  • eCommerce

    Facebook Advertising: Online Education

    Friendemic manages social media advertising for prominent business schools’ online courses with fantastic results. We helped launch the program, and continued to drive awareness and student enrollments at extremely attractive costs.

  • Promotions

    Get Your Nashville Country On!

    Downtown Hyundai in Nashville, Tennessee wanted to use social media to run a promotion around the Country Music Awards to give away some cool prizes, as well as grow their audience for their social presence. The promotions was run through Facebook boosted posts and submission entries, and reached over 75,000 individuals. See the full case study here!

  • Promotions

    Fur the Love of Dogs

    “Fur the Love of Dogs” Promotion was run for Willow Creek Pet Center, and created a partnership with a local adoption agency in order to gain a larger presence in the pet owner community. The promotion resulted in giving away some cool prizes to fans, as well as receiving tons of donations from the fans, and even lining up 6 adoptions for Rescue Rovers. See the full case study here!


Our Dream Team

About Us

Who we are

Friendemic provides social media and online reputation engagement services and software solutions to hundreds of clients across the globe. We’re fluent in hashtags, put the contagious in viral, and set the standard for social ROI. Our spirit animal is a well-dressed rabbit on fat powder skis. We like the color blue. No, yellow. You’d let us date your sister.

Friendemic was founded in 2010, which ironically makes us grandparents in the social media world.
We are really good at what we do. Let us show you.

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The Further Decline of Facebook Organic Content for Business

On Thursday, January 11, 2018 Mark Zuckerberg shared a Facebook post, again announcing changes to their algorithm to show preference for user-to-user engagement. While some Facebook experts are calling this change “catastrophic to brands,” it is in fact just the latest step in a multi-year strategy* Facebook is pursuing, and for which we and our clients are well prepared. Read Zuckerberg’s full post here. Since […]

Car Shoppers & Online Reviews: An Infographic

Car Shoppers & Online Reviews: An Infographic

Online reputation matters more than you think! Now more than ever, your potential customers are turning to the internet for answers to all of their car-buying questions. With over two billion users across all major social networks, there is a gold mine of customers just waiting to be tapped into. Word travels fast on the world wide web. Some of the most influential topics of […]

The Importance of Online Reviews

The Importance of Online Reviews

There are two types of business owners. Some business owners receive a two-star review and scoffs. They are secure in the knowledge that they have a solid staff, are still making plenty of customers happy, and had a great sales week. They don’t bother posting a reply to the negative reviewer, convinced that Yelp is just a personal soapbox for anyone to abuse. Other business […]

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