If you’ve reached this landing page, that means you’ve recognized that video is quickly becoming the Holy Grail of social media marketing. So many companies today are using social video to help humanize their organizations, spread their brand messages, and get audiences excited for new product releases. The rise of social media and mobile users has heavily fueled this video trend, but the results are definitely backing all the hype up. In short, video isn’t going anywhere, so we’re bringing it to you. Video production may seem daunting, we’ve created an easy and affordable solution to help you create awesome video content to share across your social media channels.

If you’re already a Video in a Box user (way to go, you), and you just want to hone your craft, click here for our tutorials and information page.



How it works
  1. Purchase your Video in a Box tool kit by contacting your Friendemic Account Manager or Account Executive. The Video in a Box tool kit includes detailed instruction cards, microphone, and tripod, as well as 3 video credits to get you started!
  2. Use the included video instruction cards and kit tools to shoot video types of your choice. Film 4-7 minutes of footage per video.*
  3. Easily upload the footage through your phone so that we can do all the nitty gritty editing, and voila! Custom video content, edited, prettied-up, and delivered back to you fast!**

*Up to 2 revisions of editing (not re-shooting) per video. Finished videos will be approximately 30-60 seconds in length—the social media sweet spot!
**Expected turnaround time is 10 business days from the day that all assets needed are made available to our editing team.


Video in a Box Pricing


$1000 for the Video in a Box tool kit and your first 3 fully-edited, custom videos.

After purchasing your Video in a Box tool kit and using the 3 video credits, you can purchase all future videos for $250 per video. This will take your social video game to the next level by having a steady stream of quality videos right at your fingertips.