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Friendemic's Big News

January 26th, 2017 – Friendemic and GoFanbase , two fast-growing leaders in the social media and online reputation space, announced today that they are merging.  The combined company will be among the largest providers of social and online reputation software and services in the automotive dealership space, with experience serving over 1,000 dealerships, including dealers from among many of the leading automotive groups. The combined […]

Quotes to Help Your Social Media Marketing Plan

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” In one way or another, it’s a safe bet that most of you have heard this quote used in some context. This is one of my personal favorites because it can be applied to many different areas of our lives. In sports, professional coaches always use some sort of film review to help the […]

Social media is a necessity for businesses these days. Due to the increase in the number of social media platforms and the budget you have to work with, it can be difficult to decide which platform your business should focus on. Some things to consider when choosing which route to take include, business goals, demographics, the products or services your business offers, and many more. […]

How to Get LinkedIn Marketing to Work for your Business

If you’re reading this blog, you probably use LinkedIn to connect with others and promote your personal brand. I’m here to help you do the same for your business. In my experience, there are three components to a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy: a strong company page, a thoughtful content strategy, and an engaging LinkedIn group strategy. Let’s start from square one: if you don’t have a […]

How to Use Social Media for Professional Networking

Let’s start with an anecdote. Several months ago, I helped Utah Clean Energy (UCE) organize a Twitter contest for their upcoming networking event. The premise was simple: the organization asked its event attendees to share photos of new connections that they made throughout the evening using a specific hashtag. The person who Tweeted a photo that received the most engagement earned an awesome prize. The […]

What to do when someone leaves you a negative review

Whether you’re a small-business owner, a freelancer, or the best company in all of North America, you can count on one thing: at some point, someone will leave a negative review about your products or services online. For many business owners, their first reaction is to delete the review. After all, it seems intuitive to want to portray only the best to future customers. DON’T […]

What's The Point of Pinterest?

The point is to keep people from doing this. On that serious note, at its most fundamental level, the point is to pin, pin, and pin some more. Build your boards and pin to them. The question brands should be asking is what should we be pinning? A lot of brands question whether they should tackle Pinterest because of its heavily dominated female demographic. However, […]

Why an automotive company should take advantage of social media

I am continually asked why social media is important for a car dealership. The most common questions I’ve heard are, “how many cars will it sell me?” or “why should I advertise on social media when I’m already advertising with TV, radio, billboards, etc?” These are all valid questions because, as a car dealership, you are in the business to sell cars! Not too long […]

3 Reasons Why Companies Need Social Media

  Each and every day, conversations take place. While the conversations may not have changed, the way in which we communicate has. We are now able to talk to one another through a variety of digital means, making it easier to share our thoughts with others. Through social media, millions of people are able to communicate to their friends about their daily lives and interests. […]

The social media revolution ushered in an era where people could express themselves freely online. This newfound medium of expression does not come without consequence, for even the most objective content can be scrutinized to the letter, often resulting in unfavorable reactions from audiences. Simply put, people care about what you post. To save you the trouble of learning by trial and error, I have […]