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Friendemic's Big News

January 26th, 2017 – Friendemic and GoFanbase , two fast-growing leaders in the social media and online reputation space, announced today that they are merging.  The combined company will be among the largest providers of social and online reputation software and services in the automotive dealership space, with experience serving over 1,000 dealerships, including dealers from among many of the leading automotive groups. The combined […]

Facebook Instant Articles

Many of us rely on Facebook for the most current news, trends, how-tos, and more. Facebook Instant Articles is now changing the user reading experience, making it faster, sleeker, and more  interactive than ever. Instant Articles are Facebook’s new interactive platform for reading blogs, news, and other shareable articles on Facebook. Instead of posting a link which directs you to an outside website in a […]

Put the ‘Me’ Back in Social Media

There once was a time where you couldn’t turn on the stereo without being reminded by Toby Keith that sometimes “I just wanna talk about me.” The year was 2001, three years before Facebook was founded. Even then, Keith knew the tides were changing. Fast forward 11 years. In August of 2013, “selfie” earned itself a spot in the online Oxford English Dictionary while […]

Online Reputation and Review Management Lessons

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard that your business’s online reputation is crucial to success. Not only does keeping a close eye on your rating help you improve it, it also helps you expand your search engine real estate. By working with clients to manage their online reputations for the past few years, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to succeed. Surprisingly, I’ve […]

Facebook changes how it charges for clicks

Facebook is currently changing how it charges for clicks, and it’s only for the better. Comments, shares, and likes are no longer going to cost advertisers money when they’re running cost-per-click ads. Instead, it’s time to start saving those pretty little pennies and get more interactions for less. Until recently, when advertisers created a Facebook ad, they were charged for not only the clicks through […]

Oh, What’s in a Meme? The Pros and Cons of Meme Marketing

If you’re reading this, you probably want to know what this meme business is all about. No doubt someone has showed you a poorly edited photo of a penguin covered with blocky white letters, prompting you to ask yourself, “What on earth is this?” Well that, my friend, is a meme, a quintessential icon of Internet culture, and it is not to be taken lightly. […]

Social media is a necessity for businesses these days. Due to the increase in the number of social media platforms and the budget you have to work with, it can be difficult to decide which platform your business should focus on. Some things to consider when choosing which route to take include, business goals, demographics, the products or services your business offers, and many more. […]

Your Online Reputation is Our Business

The Internet is a beautiful place. You can find almost anything and everything there. A lot of good, some bad, and even a few things that are downright scary. More importantly for you, however, is the fact that people can find your business. Google Maps makes it possible to view your business, Facebook provides a platform for current and future customers to learn more about […]

What We Can Learn From the Top Brands on Instagram

A lot of marketers turn to Instagram because Facebook is losing traction among the younger demographic. The majority of Instagram users are between the ages of 18-29 years according to recent Pew Research. Let’s take a cue from some huge brands who have been able to pour tons of money into understanding Instagram! OREO Oreo launched its Instagram account with a Super Bowl spot in […]