Socials Stats & the Holiday Season: An Infographic

The holiday season is a yearly occurrence, as is the hustle and bustle that comes with it. But rather than scrambling last minute like you do to find the perfect gift for your “beloved” in-laws, or your cousin Joe (twice removed), planning your social advertising strategy should not be rushed. In fact, with the power harnessed in social media marketing for brands, it’s never been more important for your strategy to be well-thought-out, and most importantly, flawlessly executed. Through the implementation of targeting, retargeting, and dynamic product ad features within sponsored content, a brand can effectively get their products/services in front of the right humans at the right time. That time? We (and everyone else) tend to call it “the most wonderful time of the year.” Below, we are revealing four major statistics that demonstrate one, how your audience longs for holiday-themed content, and two, the potential results that come from advertising on social. So without further adieu, dig in like you do Santa’s sugar cookies!

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