DIY Software Tools

Reputation Management Software

Use our Reputation Monitor software to track your online reputation and manage multiple locations from one, easy-to-use dashboard. Receive up to hourly email  or text updates as reviews are posted so you know right away what is being said about your business. Solicit customer feedback through customizable surveys, which then direct positive reviews to sites of your choice while intercepting and addressing negative feedback before it is posted publicly. Automotive clients can automate this process by integrating their DMS so customer’s emails are sent out the next day to maximize response.

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Social Analytics Software

Our scalpel-sharp social analytics keep you on track so you know you are getting optimal results. Beyond tracking impressions and fans, view combined engagement and interactions on your social networks combined to show your ROI calculation. Detailed Reputation analytics highlight not only your reviews and scores, but all the feedback from your customer surveys including open and response rates, clicks and comments.

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Publishing Tool

Publish social content to Facebook and Twitter for all the locations or clients you manage.  Software allows you to add approvers, so nothing gets posted until approved by your designated person, allowing you to have multiple people create and schedule content, but you retain control over your brand and messaging.

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Work Flow Management

Are you managing social content for a large number of clients or business locations?  Join us in the Rabbit Hole, our affectionate name for our own workflow management software that allows you to set goals for posting, @mentions and responses and then tracks your efforts for every social account.  This helps you stay on track with all content schedules and ensure content frequency goals are met.

Managed Social & Reputation

Custom Content Gets the Conversation Started

We post compelling content for clients 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You name the network. Daily posting is not the end game though, just the beginning.  Engaging with your audience on your social networks is the key to success, and Friendemic’s Community Managers do this better than anyone. Our Community Managers ask questions, answer questions, and start conversations to get your audience actively involved.

Generate Leads with Proactive Social

Beyond responding to comments and questions, your Friendemic Community Manager will actively reach out to prospects to start conversations or capture likes and follows.  These conversations can turn into leads which we send to you to close.

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Personalized Review Responses

When customers write and post reviews, they are sharing their experience with the world.  Every review needs to be responded to quickly (both positive and negative), personally, and professionally. Your Friendemic team knows the best practices in responding to reviews, and will work with you on negative responses to minimize the damage they can do.

Get People Really Involved with Social Promotions

Ready to take the next step and get people really involved with your business? Friendemic’s social packages include promotional campaigns. We tactically execute creative promotions and highly targeted advertising campaigns to capture customer information, get them to visit your store, or even raise money for your favorite charity.  Contests and giveaways are a great way to give back to your fans for following you.

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Social Advertising

Generate Leads & Online Sales

Facebook Conversion Ads and Mobile Lead Ads are a tremendous tool to drive online sales and website conversions.  We work with you to achieve your advertising goals, managing a variety of ads that can capture leads, click to call actions, provide directions and drive eCommerce sales.

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Drive Local, Targeted Prospects to Your Website

Friendemic has had great success using social ads, especially Facebook Ads, in driving traffic to your website from your best targeted audiences. We can target by demographics, interests, retargeting website traffic, and even custom audiences from your customer segments. We are seeing CPC rates significantly lower than what you might pay for Google Adwords.

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Get Your Content Seen by More People

Even with the most engaging pages on Facebook, organic reach is less than 10% on average.  Promoting your posts helps you reach more of your fans and expand your reach to your local community. Friendemic builds ad budget into our social packages specifically for promoting posts.