Why Promoting Events on Social Media is a No-Brainer


Getting a potential customer through the front door of your dealership can be quite a daunting task. It seems like everyone these days has heard that “dealership horror story” from their friend’s aunt’s cousin Frances, and are intimidated to step foot onto a lot for that reason. Holding an event at your dealership can be a great way to bring people into your space for the first time in a casual, inviting manner.

Whether you’re having an open house serving hamburgers fresh off the grill, or hosting a charity carnival, setting up an official Facebook event can be a very effective way to get the word out there, provide details to those who’ve shown interest, and present live posts of the event. Facebook events can also be boosted to a specific audience in order to maximize reach and RSVPs!

Our very own Robert Grange recently promoted a “Best In Show” Jeep competition at a dealership using a strategy revolving around a customized Facebook event. The competition was a roaring success with over thirty participants, as well as their friends and family in attendance to support them! He even got a local auto blog writer to come cover the event!

Another success story comes from one of our Senior Community Managers, Brooke Baxter, who recently wrapped up a promotional campaign for a BMW 7 Series Event being held in Brooklyn, NY. Rather than creating a public Facebook event, the client opted for a private landing page to establish a more exclusive and intimate feel for their existing and potential clientele specifically. To promote the event within these set parameters, Brooke created ads that were targeted to this elite audience using email lists and custom and lookalike audiences. Over a three week period, her ad set generated 329 link clicks to the landing page and get this… 25% of the total attendees for the event heard about the event via social media!

…So the lesson here? Whether you want your event to be public or more private and intimate, promoting it on social media using the right strategy can do just the trick on gettin’ people in the door!

The best thing about having a successful event is that everyone who attended will remember having a positive experience with your dealership. Chances are that when the time comes for them to get a new car or request service—your name will come to mind! If your sales and service teams go the extra mile to make personal connections during the event, this likelihood is even greater.

Next time you have an upcoming event, talk to your Friendemic Account Manager about getting a Facebook event page set up and maintained. This is also a prime opportunity to discuss running a promotion to further encourage attendance! Have fun, and remember to take lots of pictures!

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