Friendemic takes Nashville, y’all!


It’s official! Our new Nashville team has settled into the hustle and bustle of Music City. Their new office space above St. Cloud Corner is over 100 years old and was historically founded in the city’s art district. The legendary nightlife of Printer’s Alley and the world-famous Ryman Auditorium are just a few steps away, and best of all—allow us to be real basic for a second here—there’s a Starbucks across the street!

As a company, we’re thrilled about the opportunities we’ve had to expand to Dallas, and now to Nashville! We believe that getting to know our clients face-to-face is integral when it comes to providing the best service possible, and our Nashville team is eager to hit the road and better get to know our clients in the area.

We hope you enjoy the following video introduction to our new Nashville office, as well as some Q&A from the mouths of the babes themselves (we think they’re a pretty attractive bunch)!

What do you love most about Nashville?
Darcy Payne: Nashville has something for everyone. Whether you’re an art lover, music junkie, wine and beer connoisseur, or anything of the like, Music City isn’t just known for country music. We have it all.
Becca Rettenberger: The high on Nov. 29th is 72 degrees and sunny.

What’s something about Nashville that most out-of-state peeps don’t know?
Marianne Ulett: Nashville is known for its Hot Chicken. Caution!
BR: In the next 20 years, data scientists estimate an additional 1 million people will move to Nashville. It’s growing rapidly and a running joke is that you see more cranes on the skyline than buildings.

Describe Nashville in three words.
Zack Sparrow: Fun, loud (in a good way), and delicious.
DP: Authentic, entertaining, and friendly.

What makes Nashville “Nashville”?
MU: Broadway is definitely something you have to see and experience. Live music in every bar/restaurant makes Nashville unique to other cities.
ZS: This town is extremely unique in that almost everyone you meet is here to make it in the music industry. Whether they’re a songwriter, a performer, or a businessperson, pretty much everyone comes to Nashville to take part in making or producing music. Since this is the case, nearly everyone is a great musician, so you really can’t go wrong going to live music events here.

In which ways do you think Friendemic benefits from having a Nashville office?
BR: While opening additional offices shows that a company hasn’t become stagnant, it also assists the employees who have consistently been surround by the same operating procedures to fight complacency. Since moving to Nashville, I’ve met several social media marketers who are pushing the bounds with everything from Facebook advertising to video feeds to hiding secret messages on Instagram. It helps to meet others in different parts of the world to identify trends and culture markers to improve our practices. Plus, the BBQ food can’t be beat.
DP: Friendemic not only benefits from the authentic people that surround the office inside and out, but also from the inspiration that leaks from the city’s roots.

What’s the most annoying or funniest misconception about the city of Nashville?
MU: Everyone is a country star. No, I don’t see Kenny Chesney walking the streets, and no I have not bought a pair of bedazzled cowboy boots.
ZS: The city is most definitely not all “country”. I came here to study music business, and I don’t like country music at all. That being said, I still love Nashville. We’re also starting to get labeled as “Vegas lite” for bachelorette / bachelor parties. Although it’s not really a misconception anymore, it’s definitely annoying.

Is the Bluebird Cafe really as big a deal as it is on the hit TV show “Nashville”?
DP: Tourists love the Bluebird Cafe, especially for corporate events. In all actuality, it is really small. It’s good for intimate gatherings and writer’s rounds with songwriters. There are better places to visit if you have limited time… let us show you the hole in the wall places you can brag about to your hipster friends when you go home.
MU: I have never been, but I know it’s a great place for rising artists. Our office is also near “Highway 65” where they film Nashville. I am constantly looking for Deacon.

Thanks for celebrating this milestone with us! …And in good ole’ southern fashion, we will conclude with, “VISITORS WELCOME.”

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