Friendemic Highlighted As a Leader in Social Media Marketing!

The question is no longer why social media? It’s how. And from the beginning, Friendemic has built a creative and skilled team dedicated to delivering quality solutions. We’re excited that our efforts have led to our recognition as a top social media marketing company!

Clutch, a ratings and reviews firm based in Washington D.C., evaluates solutions and professional service providers based on a unique methodology. A number of factors are taken into consideration, both qualitative and quantitative, including a company’s service offerings, industry scope, and client experience. Particularly valuable are the insights from the direct client interviews conducted by Clutch analysts. The reviews detail everything from quality of the services provided to cost and project management, giving the prospective buyer a holistic overview of a company’s business practices.

Our goal is to drive sales, but most importantly, to create relationships. Social media is only as successful as the time and energy invested in learning about a client’s business and their overall goals. For this reason, we value the reviews of Friendemic on Clutch. They help us to determine what methods are successful or need improvement, and contribute to the overall growth of our agency.

Below are some of the comments our clients, satisfied with their experiences, shared with Clutch:
“I feel like Friendemic is talking on your level, helping you achieve your goals.”
–Director of Marketing, Santiam Hospital

“Friendemic hires smart and fun people. They are polite and lovely to work with.”
–Executive Assistant, Car Dealership

“Since we started with Friendemic, our social media presence has skyrocketed.”
–Veterinarian, Willow Creek Pet Center

We appreciate the support and thoughtful feedback from our clients. We will continue improving our methods in order to build the strongest social reputations possible for our partners. Like our spirit animal, the white rabbit, we’re quick, tactful, and highly alert. We always have an eye out for the latest trends and changes in the social milieu. To learn more about our business practices and specific expertise, visit our Clutch profile.

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