We aim to build authentic and thriving communities around your brand. We craft expert social engagement strategy, fortify your online reputation, identify and convert real-world leads, manage your social ad campaigns and deliver an unparalleled social ROI. We pride ourselves on our flexibility in devising custom solutions for our clients to meet your needs.

We Manage Your Online Reputation

We monitor all the top retail review sites hourly, including Google, Yelp, YellowPages, Merchant Circle and others and then respond to every review.

We Build Your Brand and Generate New Business

Using Twitter Advanced Search, we find people in your local market using specific keywords (related to your products) and we start conversations that encourage local prospects to request information on your products or visit your website. To generate more web traffic and online sales, Targeted Facebook Ads can reach your local market by targeting by demographics and lifestyles, while delivering your ads to prospects most likely to purchase your products. Facebook Ads drive targeted traffic to your website at a much lower cost than Google.

We Engage Your Local Community

Friendemic creates or sources unique content that is a mix of product specific posts for your store(s) or brand, as well as any local content that involves your company, including community involvement, events, and even local news. Friendemic can also craft custom blogs to be shared on your website as well as re-post product reviews, success stories and share store news, all to add SEO value and generate more web traffic. Beyond generating your content, we use social promotions that will get your local community involved. These promotions include giveaways, contests, events at your store, and partnerships with non-profits or other groups.

Case Studies: Retail

Friendemic took video engagement ads to a new level with Owlet by generating over 16 million video views, 416K+ engagements and reaching over 19 million people with their initial video campaign. This is only the start to video advertising on the Owlet Facebook platform and we’re already brewing up the next ad.

For two weeks in the month of February, we created a campaign entitled "#LoveAtHome". Each day, we presented fans with a new challenge to ramp up engagement and get these interacting with our brand. Their engagement levels skyrocketed during that two week period and the page grew by nearly 1,500 fans.