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Friendemic's Big News

January 26th, 2017 – Friendemic and GoFanbase , two fast-growing leaders in the social media and online reputation space, announced today that they are merging.  The combined company will be among the largest providers of social and online reputation software and services in the automotive dealership space, with experience serving over 1,000 dealerships, including dealers from among many of the leading automotive groups. The combined […]

Friendemic takes Nashville, y'all!

It’s official! Our new Nashville team has settled into the hustle and bustle of Music City. Their new office space above St. Cloud Corner is over 100 years old and was historically founded in the city’s art district. The legendary nightlife of Printer’s Alley and the world-famous Ryman Auditorium are just a few steps away, and best of all—allow us to be real basic for […]

#FriendemicFriday: Campdemic Retreat 2016

Last weekend, we at #TeamFriendemic packed our bags and headed out into the wildlands of the Summit County for our annual retreat. Our goals? Grow closer as a team, come up with ideas of how to better serve our clients, eat a lot of food that probably should’ve been refrigerated better, and have a grand ole’ time. Here are the quantitative results of our adventure out […]


Top Stories: Instagram finally came out with business analytics! Pinterest snatched Snapchat’s chief analytics guru. Changes must be on the horizon! Twitter advertising is falling behind. Start thinking of where else you want to put your budget. Square-shaped videos have a 67% completion rate on Facebook! Instagram has always known what’s up. Employee Spotlight: Alli Vankleeck — Graphic Designer Alli’s main life goal is to […]

#FriendemicFriday – A 360° Look of Your Brand

Scrolling through your newsfeed recently, you’ve probably noticed interactive photos where you can either click and drag, or physically move your phone (in Pokémon GO fashion) to “look around” a panorama/photosphere. It’s been nearly a month now since Facebook released this 360-degree photo tool to the public, yet somehow it’s flown under the radar for a lot of businesses. How you take advantage of this […]

How to Make Your Clients Love You

Your clients are probably dealing with a number of vendors every day. Your relationship with your client is something you can work on to really differentiate your company from other vendors and your competition. That’s why I have given you some tips on how to develop strong and lasting client relationships: Get to Know Them Visit clients if you can! Face-to-face interaction goes a long […]

LinkedIn: The Power of Connecting

“My goal is world domination of the military industrial complex, through control of documents. I am able to sit in my chair for extended periods of time without numbness or fatigue. I have successfully completed the “Flavor of Love-Season 2” marathon without any training whatsoever … “ – Anonymous LinkedIn User. Although we all get a good laugh from the way this user chose to […]

Success at #NADA2015

As anyone who has ever exhibited at an industry trade show knows, such events are not cheap.  Just registering for a booth can often be tens of thousands of dollars, and that may not even be the largest cost.  Other booth costs pile up: shipping and drayage, electricity, Internet, as well as printing marketing materials and providing of any other promotional goods and/or show specials. […]

The 5 Love Languages at Work

I’m not an unbeliever, but I’m definitely not religious. I’m spiritual in the hippy-dippy way of my love for Mother Earth, believing in intuition and the universe unfolding as it should, but that’s about as far it goes. Quite naturally, when good ole southern Baptist Gary Chapman’s, The 5 Love Languages, crossed my path, I thought to myself, “oh hell no.” Because it was gifted […]