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Catalyst Mobile App Increases One Dealer's Reviews by 400%

  Landers CDJ, a dealership located in Benton, Arkansas was looking for a way to get more online reviews to better reflect their top-notch customer service. They began using one of Friendemic’s newest reputation tools, the Catalyst mobile app, in hopes of increasing their overall review count and star ratings. The following data was gathered after using the app for just three weeks!   Landers CDJ […]

Friendemic Highlighted As a Leader in Social Media Marketing!

The question is no longer why social media? It’s how. And from the beginning, Friendemic has built a creative and skilled team dedicated to delivering quality solutions. We’re excited that our efforts have led to our recognition as a top social media marketing company! Clutch, a ratings and reviews firm based in Washington D.C., evaluates solutions and professional service providers based on a unique methodology. […]

Facebook's New Review Game: STRONG.

Many of you may have noticed that Facebook is changing it’s UI once again. What you may not have noticed is that the review section where customers go to leave businesses ratings and leave comments about their experiences is also changing – and we personally think it’s pretty genius. The change is this: Facebook users check into the places they visit, and within 24 hours […]

#FriendemicFriday: Ramped Up Google Reviews

The time to solidify an online review game plan is upon us thanks to Google’s latest and greatest review feature. In this post, we will increase your chances of being your consumer’s top pick by: 1) Revealing Google’s new feature 2) Filling you in on why it applies to your brand 3) Advising you on what you need to do about it Ready? BREAK! So […]

Healthcare Social Media

My interest with the healthcare industry began when I started writing for a small medical group in Utah. I found that providing accurate, concrete information for others was something I enjoyed. Healthcare is a topic that everyone can talk about, especially on the Internet. Over 73 percent of potential patients search for medical information online. Now, more than ever, people are posting about their child’s […]

Online Reputation and Review Management Lessons

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard that your business’s online reputation is crucial to success. Not only does keeping a close eye on your rating help you improve it, it also helps you expand your search engine real estate. By working with clients to manage their online reputations for the past few years, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to succeed. Surprisingly, I’ve […]

5 Ways to Sell More Cars on Social Media

As Facebook has eclipsed its first decade in business and Twitter has joined it in the upper echelons of hot, publicly traded companies, marketers in the automotive industry are continually pondering if social media really helps them sell more cars. It depends on whom you ask, but the jury still seems to be out on the effectiveness of social media in the car business. I […]

Innovative Dealer Summit 2015 Presentation Recap: A Proven Social Strategy

My last post shared a lot of the errors we commonly see small businesses commit in social media marketing (big businesses make social media mistakes too). But don’t fret! Social media marketing can be done right. Someone should carve out at least an hour a day for social media, and make that time sacred.  Don’t allow meetings or other interruptions to displace it, or you […]

Innovative Dealer Summit 2015 Presentation Recap: Social Strategies that Do Not Work

Social media began as a fun, free novelty for consumers. When businesses were finally welcomed to the various platforms (and that process is still ongoing), many of them brought that same consumer mindset to their social media marketing efforts, and it has significantly hindered their effectiveness. Social media has changed (Facebook and Twitter are now even large publicly-traded companies), and marketers can’t think of social […]

Your Online Reputation is Our Business

The Internet is a beautiful place. You can find almost anything and everything there. A lot of good, some bad, and even a few things that are downright scary. More importantly for you, however, is the fact that people can find your business. Google Maps makes it possible to view your business, Facebook provides a platform for current and future customers to learn more about […]