5 Reasons Why/How Your Business Can/Should Give Back this Holiday Season


The season to be jolly is upon us, and taking advantage of the holidays doesn’t have to just mean having a sale. Getting involved with local charities, food drives, or events are a great way to benefit your own business, as well as your community. Check out these five reasons why you should give back this time of year!

1) It Humanizes Your Brand
Chances are, your business isn’t a giant corporate entity bent on the destruction of humanity. Your brand has personality, motives, and passions. Getting involved with a toy or food drive, for example, is a rewarding way to show this to your audience, and prove to them that you don’t just care about making money.

2) It Gets People Into Your Space
If you have a collection box right inside your door, people who stop by with donations are likely to take a peek around your space after they drop off the goods. Make sure your area looks clean, inviting, and full of holiday cheer so they experience a favorable first impression of your company. It’s also a great opportunity to greet them and make a social connection with them! The better the experience, the more likely they are to make a purchase, or return in the future.

3) It Increases Name Recognition
Even if you don’t have a physical box on site at your store, backing a charity financially is also a good option. For example, if you’re listed as a sponsor for a charity or event, potential customers will not only have general exposure to your company, they’ll also regard you as a positive force in their community, rather than as “just another business”.

4) Possible Tax Rebates
Depending on requirements set by the IRS, you may be able to garner tax benefits as a result of donating to qualified charitable organizations. Discuss with your financial advisor if this could apply to your company!

5) Why not?
Regardless of any other benefits, giving back to those in need is a surefire way to make you (and those on the receiving end) feel warm fuzzies. It’s also a great way to enhance your company culture and get your people involved in a good cause. So get out there and show some goodwill this year — you’ll be happy that you did!

You know your area better than anyone. Do some research and find out if there are any organizations in your area who are looking for sponsors! Groups to reach out to may include youth groups, food banks, fun runs, Santa-assisting groups, and more. The possibilities are endless! Happy holidays!

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