June 2016

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Goodbye, 20 Percent Text Rule!

Goodbye, 20 Percent Text Rule!   The rumors are true–Facebook has officially changed their 20 percent text rule. For those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about, let #TeamFriendemic give you the inside scoop.   Facebook previously enforced a rule that limited the texts in ads. All text had to take up 20 percent or less in the image used. This was calculated […]

Design for Dummies

Design for Dummies: Because you’re not born with good design skills – you learn them. All too often you hear people talk about artists and designers and their natural talent. You may have even believed that good design for your brand is impossible without an artistic genius on your team. We’re here to tell you that you too can create beautiful, engaging design, and all […]

It's All In The Micro-Moments

Gone are the days of visiting dealership after dealership and being hassled by countless car salesmen. Gone? Gone. But why? Digital marketing.   It’s 2016 and nobody purchases anything — let alone a car — without digitally stalking the dealership, product, brand, etc. Studies show that today’s car shopper visits only two dealerships during the search for their perfect vehicle. The need to visit the […]

Think Globally, Act Locally

One of the keys we apply in our daily strategy is to approach social media engagement like it’s a backyard BBQ, which means that we avoid treating it like a platform for shouting prices and self-serving links to strangers. Too often we see companies, large and small, treating social media like it’s a free advertising platform. Instead, we should be talking with our audience rather than talking […]