October 2015

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Facebook Launches New Lead Ads - Ready to see a better ROI?

Are you spending lots of money on digital ads to send qualified traffic to your website, but only seeing a small percentage of those prospects fill out your website lead form? One roadblock to getting lead form submissions is the move towards mobile. People expect to be able to do everything from their phones, but it is generally difficult to get people on mobile to […]

Put the ‘Me’ Back in Social Media

There once was a time where you couldn’t turn on the stereo without being reminded by Toby Keith that sometimes “I just wanna talk about me.” The year was 2001, three years before Facebook was founded. Even then, Keith knew the tides were changing. http://www.vevo.com/watch/toby-keith/i-wanna-talk-about-me/USDWV0300035 Fast forward 11 years. In August of 2013, “selfie” earned itself a spot in the online Oxford English Dictionary while […]