July 2015

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Crafting Content to Buyer Stage to Increase Social ROI

When it comes to social media, some businesses assume that posting content is the end goal, and having something posted every day, or multiple times a week, covers your marketing requirement on your social sites. Unfortunately, this misses the mark, as posting alone rarely will deliver the ROI you are looking for. The goal of social media content is to get prospects and customers engaged […]

5 Ways to Sell More Cars on Social Media

As Facebook has eclipsed its first decade in business and Twitter has joined it in the upper echelons of hot, publicly traded companies, marketers in the automotive industry are continually pondering if social media really helps them sell more cars. It depends on whom you ask, but the jury still seems to be out on the effectiveness of social media in the car business. I […]

Facebook changes how it charges for clicks

Facebook is currently changing how it charges for clicks, and it’s only for the better. Comments, shares, and likes are no longer going to cost advertisers money when they’re running cost-per-click ads. Instead, it’s time to start saving those pretty little pennies and get more interactions for less. Until recently, when advertisers created a Facebook ad, they were charged for not only the clicks through […]

Oh, What’s in a Meme? The Pros and Cons of Meme Marketing

If you’re reading this, you probably want to know what this meme business is all about. No doubt someone has showed you a poorly edited photo of a penguin covered with blocky white letters, prompting you to ask yourself, “What on earth is this?” Well that, my friend, is a meme, a quintessential icon of Internet culture, and it is not to be taken lightly. […]

Facebook Business Manager Introduction

Facebook launched its Facebook Business Manager tool in 2014 to select companies and agencies — it is now available to the general public at business.facebook.com where you can create a free account. Facebook Business Manager is a new tool for businesses of any size to manage their business’s user permissions, advert accounts and agency relationships. The tool is constantly being updated with new features: pixels […]