May 2015

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Boosting Your Brand

Brands are finding it more and more difficult to reach their desired audience as organic impressions on Facebook continue to decline.The same social strategy that worked two years ago does not work with Facebook’s current algorithm. Like other media, Facebook is becoming “pay to play”  for brands. Don’t let this intimidate you, your post reach, if boosted, is going to be much bigger than organic […]

5 Steps to Developing a Social Media Marketing Plan

Marketing is a competition to attract attention. Your success is measured by your creative ability to rally the crowd, thrive off of their support, and stand out against your competitors. Social media has blossomed into one of the most influential instruments for connecting with a mass audience through visually stunning and reader-friendly content. However, diving into a social campaign without proper preparation can quickly become […]

Lessons from the Wild World of Social Ads

Just over a year ago, when I started working at Friendemic, social media ads (especially those beyond boosting Facebook posts and page like ads) were fairly rare for small businesses. Since then, our involvement with ads has blossomed as more clients see the benefits. So, without further ado, I’d like to share some of the lessons that I have learned from running ads over the […]

How to Make Your Clients Love You

Your clients are probably dealing with a number of vendors every day. Your relationship with your client is something you can work on to really differentiate your company from other vendors and your competition. That’s why I have given you some tips on how to develop strong and lasting client relationships: Get to Know Them Visit clients if you can! Face-to-face interaction goes a long […]

Innovative Dealer Summit 2015 Presentation Recap: A Proven Social Strategy

My last post shared a lot of the errors we commonly see small businesses commit in social media marketing (big businesses make social media mistakes too). But don’t fret! Social media marketing can be done right. Someone should carve out at least an hour a day for social media, and make that time sacred.  Don’t allow meetings or other interruptions to displace it, or you […]

Google AdWords vs Facebook Ads

Facebook and Google both offer unique advantages for advertisers. You may have experience with one and want to try the other or are new to both and curious which is better for your business. Either way, here’s a brief overview of the two ad platforms. Ad Context/User Intent One of the biggest differences between Google AdWords and Facebook Ads is the context in which the […]