April 2015

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Innovative Dealer Summit 2015 Presentation Recap: Social Strategies that Do Not Work

Social media began as a fun, free novelty for consumers. When businesses were finally welcomed to the various platforms (and that process is still ongoing), many of them brought that same consumer mindset to their social media marketing efforts, and it has significantly hindered their effectiveness. Social media has changed (Facebook and Twitter are now even large publicly-traded companies), and marketers can’t think of social […]

You Have the Power! With Facebook Multi-Product Ads

What originally started as a clunky platform with limited functionality, Facebook Advertising has grown into a multi-headed, money generating beast. Full of targeting options and easily accessible tools that give businesses and brands more advertising power than ever, the only limit to Facebook advertising is your creativity. Or, the amount of text used on an image. But that’s neither here nor there. Though there has been […]

5 Things You Can Learn From My Favorite Twitter Accounts

We’ve covered what you can learn from the top brands on Twitter before, so today we’re going to do something a little bit different. I’m a Twitter fanatic, and we’re going to look at five lessons you can learn by studying my personal favorite Twitter accounts. Admittedly, these lessons are going to be more difficult to turn into brand strategies, since none of these accounts […]