January 2015

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How to Use Social Media for Professional Networking

Let’s start with an anecdote. Several months ago, I helped Utah Clean Energy (UCE) organize a Twitter contest for their upcoming networking event. The premise was simple: the organization asked its event attendees to share photos of new connections that they made throughout the evening using a specific hashtag. The person who Tweeted a photo that received the most engagement earned an awesome prize. The […]

Business Blogging Basics: A Blog About Blogs

The word “blog” is one of those words that drives you crazy after several iterations. No doubt you felt a little irritation crawling up your spine after hearing the words of our friend Xzibit echo in your mind. And, of course, the title of this piece probably contains more alliteration than you ever wanted. The good news is, if you make it through this whole […]

What to do when someone leaves you a negative review

Whether you’re a small-business owner, a freelancer, or the best company in all of North America, you can count on one thing: at some point, someone will leave a negative review about your products or services online. For many business owners, their first reaction is to delete the review. After all, it seems intuitive to want to portray only the best to future customers. DON’T […]