December 2014

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What's The Point of Pinterest?

The point is to keep people from doing this. On that serious note, at its most fundamental level, the point is to pin, pin, and pin some more. Build your boards and pin to them. The question brands should be asking is what should we be pinning? A lot of brands question whether they should tackle Pinterest because of its heavily dominated female demographic. However, […]

6 YouTube Tips from Laura Madison

In an earlier post, I said that Laura Madison, a salesperson at Bozeman Toyota in Montana, is practically a YouTube star. We weren’t kidding. In the past three years, she’s created and uploaded over 225 videos and her channel has garnered over 200,000 views. Luckily for you, she was willing to chat with me about YouTube and share some sage advice. Use YouTube to introduce […]

What Can I Learn From These Top 5 Brands on Facebook

With so many different brands on Facebook with different levels of success, it can be hard to know exactly what your brand should be doing. But, today’s your lucky day! I’ve gathered great examples from five of the top brands on Facebook, each with a different strength, in order to help you craft and execute the perfect social media strategy. As you read each of […]

Why an automotive company should take advantage of social media

I am continually asked why social media is important for a car dealership. The most common questions I’ve heard are, “how many cars will it sell me?” or “why should I advertise on social media when I’m already advertising with TV, radio, billboards, etc?” These are all valid questions because, as a car dealership, you are in the business to sell cars! Not too long […]

This is a Facebook Post

I see a lot of articles today talking about how to create the perfect Facebook post. The trends have changed over the years as to what works well and to what doesn’t. We’ve seen advice that images are required for a post to do well, or not to make posts with links, but a common theme is that too much text is bad. In fact, from […]

The 5 Love Languages at Work

I’m not an unbeliever, but I’m definitely not religious. I’m spiritual in the hippy-dippy way of my love for Mother Earth, believing in intuition and the universe unfolding as it should, but that’s about as far it goes. Quite naturally, when good ole southern Baptist Gary Chapman’s, The 5 Love Languages, crossed my path, I thought to myself, “oh hell no.” Because it was gifted […]

3 Reasons Why Companies Need Social Media

  Each and every day, conversations take place. While the conversations may not have changed, the way in which we communicate has. We are now able to talk to one another through a variety of digital means, making it easier to share our thoughts with others. Through social media, millions of people are able to communicate to their friends about their daily lives and interests. […]

Best Practices for Running Twitter Ads

Twitter is growing. Surprise, surprise. With over 230 million active users every month and over 500 million tweets per day, you’re missing a big opportunity if your brand isn’t on Twitter. So if you haven’t started tweeting, break out that smartphone and let’s get started. Who exactly uses Twitter? Is it the tech-savvy generation of teens? The following graphs illustrate just how diverse the Twitter […]

The Science of Facebook Ads

Facebook is not just about creating an amazing, entertaining, jaw-dropping post and hoping it reaches your audience. There’s actually a little science behind it. Facebook is becoming more of a pay-to-play site, and with that comes more ads than you will know what to do with. The good thing is, it’s still fairly inexpensive to advertise on Facebook and each ad delivers results that will […]