November 2014

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Mighty Results for the Mighty 5

Friendemic approached Visit Utah with an idea for a campaign after seeing that, despite being one of the most beautiful states in the nation, Visit Utah had a small social media presence. A lot of agencies would go with a big, flashy idea in the hopes that it would go viral. Unfortunately, you can’t always count on that. So, Friendemic stuck with what works: simple, direct […]

As one of Friendemic’s web developers, I’m mostly kept in a back room away from social appearances (and for good reason). We developers are known for our ability to flip a wonderful conversation on its head and leave everyone fumbling with their iPhone to avoid eye contact. We truly are masters of the awkward moment. And with that, let us tear into the meat of this blog […]

Twitter and You: Bridging the Communication Gap

  When people think about social media marketing, they often tend to clump all of the networks together. What works on one network must work on the other, right? Not necessarily. Each network provides a unique strength or service that differentiates itself from the others. Facebook is great for posting updates and specials. Instagram serves as a strong, image-based branding foundation. Pinterest establishes a community, […]

WomenOne #WhatsItWorth Campaign: Case Study

Did you know that globally, there are 65 million girls who do not attend primary or secondary school? Pretty astonishing, right? We thought so. That’s why when WomenOne, a non-profit devoted to giving women and girls an education globally, asked Friendemic for help both strategically and socially, we couldn’t help but say yes. WomenOne came to Friendemic with an idea to launch a fundraising campaign […]