October 2014

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3 Lessons Learned from a Social-Savvy Salesperson

Laura Madison is not your average car salesperson. She tweets, she posts, she’s practically a YouTube star. And guess what? Her social involvement sells cars. When I read about Laura Madison’s unconventional, social-based sales techniques, I couldn’t resist the chance to talk strategy. I learned a thing or two from her, and you can too. As a salesperson, don’t be afraid to reach out and […]

The social media revolution ushered in an era where people could express themselves freely online. This newfound medium of expression does not come without consequence, for even the most objective content can be scrutinized to the letter, often resulting in unfavorable reactions from audiences. Simply put, people care about what you post. To save you the trouble of learning by trial and error, I have […]

How to Use Social Media For Your Clients the Right Way

We’re always looking for the silver bullet to the problems we encounter with social media. We want one simple answer that will make our days full of sunshine and rainbows. Sadly, that answer doesn’t exist. But I want to share some tips that will help improve your work and relationships with clients. A lot of the trouble that I run into when working for clients is […]

Top 10 things you can do with Facebook ads

More OEM’s are jumping on the Facebook advertising bandwagon by covering some, if not all, of Facebook ad spends with co-op dollars. A very popular conversation I am having with dealers is discussing what they can actually do for their dealership with a Facebook ad campaign. I wanted to get some ideas out for everyone, so in an “Ode to David Letterman,” I created a […]

Yes, Social Media is important for your business. Here’s why.

As a social media strategy company, we are often asked the question, “what is the point of social media?” A completely valid, not at all surprising question. Answering this question is akin to answering the age-old questions, “what is the meaning of life?” or, “why does toast always fall peanut butter side down?” A social media presence without clear intentions and objectives will give you […]

Dealing With Negative Reviews

In life, we all face criticism. Sometimes it is deserving and other times it is uncalled for. This same kind of criticism applies to brands. It would be great if we lived in a world full of five-star Google Plus pages, raving Yelp reviews, and page after page of Facebook recommendations. However, this is not the case. Attempting to delete reviews is not an option, […]