July 2014

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4 Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation

For many companies, new and old, a brand can be (should be?) their most valuable asset. Many companies have brands worth billions of dollars. Executives dedicate huge resources defining, nurturing, and protecting their company brand. We don’t always think of it in this way, but a brand is essentially just a business’s reputation. Why then do we so often see businesses who in some ways […]

Comparison Isn't Always a Bad Thing

Comparison in the automotive industry is crucial. It’s typically where your potential customer begins their search. Fortunately, it’s not only about keeping up with the big, bad success story of a dealership. Remember this: Feeling a little better? Great. Now let’s have some real talk.

We are big fans of strategy. What’s the point of having a social presence without a strategy? The answer is easy: nope. nada. don’t do it. not gon’ work. There IS no point. At Friendemic, the secret sauce starts with putting crazy talented writers in partnership with brand focused managers. We generate unique and varied content, and constantly push ourselves to improve and innovate. A […]