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Three Social Media Tips from Opposite Sides of the Debate

In December of 1914, German and British troops in the trenches of World War I spontaneously put aside their battles and celebrated Christmas together amid barbed wire and bayonets. Opposing forces rarely agree with each other on anything, but when they do, you probably ought to pay attention. Otherwise, you might get shot trying to give someone a present on the wrong day (or in […]

Your Online Reputation: It Matters

Cars can be a sensitive subject for many people who, simply, don’t understand them. Issues can be minor, major or somewhere in between, but often times individuals feel helpless when a car ceases to work properly or they fail to seamlessly purchase one right off the lot. It could be a mechanical issue that needs to be repaired or a customer that is unhappy with […]

A List of The 19 Best April Fools' Pranks: The Friendemic Round Up

The Friendemic geniuses are all connoisseurs of internet tomfoolery. And nothing says internet tomfoolery like April Fools’ Day. Do you remember the first April Fools’ Day internet pranks, back in the day? Think back to the early ‘00s when the internet was young and an April Fools’ Day joke on a website was a new idea? Well, now everyone is doing it and you can’t […]