Goodbye, 20 Percent Text Rule!

Goodbye, 20 Percent Text Rule!



The rumors are true–Facebook has officially changed their 20 percent text rule. For those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about, let #TeamFriendemic give you the inside scoop.


Facebook previously enforced a rule that limited the texts in ads. All text had to take up 20 percent or less in the image used. This was calculated by using a specific grid that Facebook created. If the text took up too many squares, the ad was rejected.


Times have changed! Advertisers can now have text take up more than 20 percent of the image. As social media marketers, this makes a huge difference in creating content.

We took to asking our different employees about their opinion on this big change. Here’s what they had to say.


What are your thoughts on Facebook changing the 20 percent text rule?


“The new changes to the 20% text rule are an interesting experiment. On the one hand, it introduces some ambiguity into the process of content creation and post reach, which could present complications for marketers. On the other, it is great to see that Facebook is continuing to tinker with its tools to attempt to arrive at the best experience for marketers and content for consumers. While it adds another wrinkle to the process, it is an attempt to make the platform more flexible, and therefore more effective.”

Robert Grange, Community Manager


“I don’t think it should affect the way images are created. It may complicate things as images previously under 20% could now possibly get flagged, so creates ambiguity and may require closer monitoring. But, overall, it still makes sense to use caution with text overlays and not look spammy by throwing a bunch of text on an image.”

Dan, Advertising Manager


“I think this could be really great news for marketers out there! There will most likely be some complication and re-navigating as new best practices are established for an effective amount of text in ads, however, I think it will open new avenues for graphic and ad design as they can play with text in new ways. I believe it will enable advertisers and marketers to become more creative and capable. I’m excited for this new development!”

Stephanie, Community Manager


“I believe this is great news because the grid structure was very limiting to marketers. That being said, FB’s new rules will continue to penalize an ad that is very text heavy. Therefore, marketers will not be able to abuse this system and those who are cognizant of text placement and text amount in an ad will be rewarded more than those who are not.”

Kacey, Account Executive

What are your thoughts on Facebook changing the 20 percent rule?

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